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Norse Vapor popped up “out of no where” in small town Fallbrook, California in 2016 and greatly changed the way people purchase vape. Norse Vapor transitioned from a traditional vape shop to a lifestyle lounge, changing the lives of its patrons almost from day one. Learning the industry from the inside out, from distribution to customer service.

Today, we bring that concept to you. To help you build a better business. A better customer base and a better way to vape. From demanding high quality products with a need to perfect the customer experience. Gone are the days of “youngsters” acting like this industry is just for the “hip.”

Norse Vapor brings a different way to do things. A better way (we believe). And now you have the opportunity to become part of the Norse Vapor family and own your own vape shop, with a team of dedicated professionals behind you. Put our leadership to work for you and achieve your dream of owning your own shop, without taking those initial stumbling steps that hurt so many businesses.

Norse Vapor and its staff of experts are here to help, to guide you through all the stages of planning, opening and training.

What Norse Vapor? Because we are different. We are passionate and we have the experience in all aspects of vaping from warehousing, distribution, reporting and store operations to help you run the best shop possible.

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Vaping is becoming more and more mainstream and common place. So we created a unique lifestyle environment to be welcoming and warm to Norse Vapor customers.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, and scary. Not to mention costly. Norse Vapor has already hit every roadblock imaginable and we know how to get through those for you. We also offer a low cost start up option, making ownership easier, and also getting you closer to profitability.

Norse Vapor has built brand awareness and loyalty. Bringing in customers is sometimes tough, keeping them is sometimes even tougher. However, Norse Vapor has put together a loyalty system that keeps customers coming back for more, time and time again. 

Our trained corporate staff will educate you on the entire loyalty system, building a reputation with your customers that keeps them coming back to you.

We work with you to choose the right location, to get you the right price, and keep your costs down, to help you be as profitable as you can so that your business thrives and grows.

Norse Vapor provides a comprehensive on site training program to make sure you fully understand your products, customers and unique needs that happen.

Norse Vapor also offers a full, constantly updated, document library offering you the most up to date information available.

Norse Vapor handles all of your distribution to your store. You get the benefit of ordering products from one place, where you know that you are getting quality, and dependability from brands your customers desire. From entry level devices, to enthusiast level, Norse Vapor has the products to make you money and keep your customers happy.

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